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Temple at Toripuru Falls

This was a request, "Asian style landscape with the color Teal in it".

It was made in pieces which were then inserted into the background which had the original sketch.


Toripuru means Triple in Japanese.  So it’s Temple at Triple Falls.


The background mountains were made first in the studio with Coltsfoot leaves, front & backs.  Before I added any other elements I tweaked the scan to be a Teal color so I could gage what matched them as I progressed.


Orange Cosmos flower petals for the Torii Gate and orange & yellow Sassafras leaves were used for Temple.  Red bridge railings are Virginia Creeper leaves.  The reflection in the water was made by flipping the fence image upside down and adjusting the opacity to be transparent.


Tamarix flowers were used for the pink trees and wild miniature Asters for the lavender trees.  Red bushes are Autumn Joy Sedum flowers.   Green grass is Indian Bean tree leaf.  Pathway is an aged dried white flower.  Corn husks bleached white and tweaked even further in Photoshop to be even whiter make the waterfalls.  Rocks around the water below the bridge are more gray Coltsfoot leaves.


Geese wings & body are Quince leaves, neck is White Birch bark. Beak is orange Sassafras.  Monks are red Coleus leaves with an Iris flower petal for the sleeves.  Hats are dried Daffodil leaves.  Black birds are a very dark aged leaf in my stash.



Temple at Toripuru Falls


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