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falling leaves over water
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The Story of Teri's Art

What this art means to me...

These Art images are an expression of my love,

appreciation and reverence for nature; a celebration of nature’s beauty,

infinite variety and detail.


AND I get to PLAY and be wonderfully creative....

with subjects, nature, words.

Many thanks to all who have been so incredibly 


You have my heart...I do this for you...



So....What are Autumn Emeralds? 

Prints of Landscapes, Animals, People made with REAL leaves and flowers.


It all began with Autumn leaves in the late 1990’s.  I love colorful and beautiful things (sort of like a crow!)

and simply could not resist picking up leaves and bringing them home.  I created one

 collage and kept thinking I’d love to do more. In the Fall of 2010, I easily made five images. I had so many ideas, I just kept going!  


It begins with one of my favorite things...a walk in nature. Leaf-wise and flower-wise, my home has lots to offer as I have spent years planting and landscaping for the love of it. I like walking along the brook in my back yard particularly; listening to the sound of the water, watching birds flit in for a drink. Peaceful. For me, it’s always an exciting adventure searching for treasures to bring home. Autumn is obviously the best time of year with many wonderfully colored leaves to choose from. Once home, treasures are laid out in my studio between wax paper with heavy books on top, very scientific.

Sometimes I have a specific image idea and sometimes I just play and see what materializes. Inevitably, while constructing an image, I am running out to my yard for something else.  I begin by making an arrangement on illustration board. Once in place, all is carefully removed and the watercolor background is painted. Referencing an iPad photo helps me put the leaves (and flowers) back in place after the watercolor dries. I use Glue Sticks...non-toxic, easy to use, nature likes it. Then it’s off to the scanner.  Lastly, retouching, printing and packaging for your viewing pleasure.

People have asked...

The originals are moldy and stacked in my studio with wax paper around them.  I decided not to fight nature and try to preserve what wants to (and cannot help but) bio-degrade!

With love,


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