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Sea Anemones

The original "Sea Anemones" image was made back in 2014.  It was plain and not very interesting.  But I always loved the IDEA of the Anemones.  So I decided to do a revamp and upgrade. 


Totally on my computer using Photoshop!  The first time I've done it this way.  I'm really not a fan of sitting at my computer for hours so I much prefer laying leaves out on illustration board instead!!

I only used the left portion of the old original and "fluffed" the Anemones up a bit.  I also knew I wanted a sea green background, mainly because it is SO difficult to get my printers to print a Teal color.  My wonderful cousin saved the maroon red coral fan (on the left & right) for a long time so I could use in my art.  Another reason I wanted to do the revamp!  Thanks so much Cuzz!!

The bright yellow fish are Milkweed.  They were the perfect shape & color as I knew I wanted yellow fish!  The green tails are Hosta.  The Anemones are Peony flower centers.  Obedient Plant provided the stems.  They sit on top of a multi-colored Rhubarb leaf.

"Decorating" the scene is always fun!  Besides the maroon sea fans, we have a piece of yellow Kale and green colorized Artemesia in the lower left corner.  Colorized so it would match the background water color.  More Artemesia in the lower right corner with orange Marigold flower petals above.

I love the little fish with his nose poked into the sea fan on the right!  The narrative for the scene is:  Fish Family visits Anemone Park!

Sea Anemones


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