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La Grand Dane

It's fun when people make suggestions for new Leaf Art pieces! However, La Grand Dane is my first real commission to show a specific pet. A friend asked if I could immortalize Clover, a beloved companion. Photos were sent to me; I accepted the challenge! I'm very pleased at the outcome! She looks so majestic, befitting a Great Dane.


The background needed to be simple so as to not detract from the primary subject, the dog. Green "hills" are ginger root leaves; right is the back side, left, front side. I combed last year’s leaf stash for the darkest aged leaves I could find for the black spots of the dog. White is always a challenge. It so happened that my Hibiscus plant was flowering in the yard and it was WHITE! So I scanned the whole flower thinking I could Photoshop part of it into the image. I particularly wanted it for the wrinkles of the dogs neck (was also used for the right leg and gray spots). I decided to let the white mat board illustrate the rest of the white of the dog.


Green leaves in the foreground are lilac. The "dirt" is an aged white flower from last year's stash. In my world, one can only hope for something to show perfect dirt!!!


Little trees on the horizon are elderberry twigs after the berries have gone. Sambucus nigra 'Black Lace' have blackish-purple leaves and are used left and right (from my sisters bush, thank you!).


Light green leaves are ornamental sweet potato vine, seen above the dirt. I loved their shade of green and saved the hanging basket they were in from summer. Brought inside (before it snowed!). The red collar and leash are red maple.


Since we are talking about “Clover” the dog, I simply HAD to include a few clovers in the image; so ran out to my yard at the last minute (again, before it snowed!) and found a few to add to the bottom, middle. 


As leaves are biodegradable and will fade and deteriorate quickly, original Art is scanned immediately after creation, preserving their beauty long after originals are gone.   Enjoy!

La Grand Dane


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