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Goslings Go Paddling

This was inspired by the vegetation in the left half of the image. I was looking through my file of scanned leaves and saw this and just loved it. I pictured it growing in water of some kind. At first I thought I'd try using white Herons but the babies were more "ugly duckling" looking and seemed like they would be hard to replicate. Then I found an image of Mama Goose that was exactly what I needed, the Goslings followed.

Mama Goose's beak is yellow Hibiscus and the nostril is actually a little Elm leaf. You'd have to really magnify it to tell though...The black used for the eye is a black spot found on an Elm leaf. Her body is from a Ginger Root tree lightened in Photoshop to get close to representing a white Goose.

I like to experiment and try new things! I used a different, new technique for the Goslings. I took the Ginger Root leaf shown below and used parts of it to draw them using Photoshop. It was a little tricky and I like how they came out but thinking I won't do it again. Too difficult! Each has a little crown on their forehead which is the center of a Clematis flower.

The lavender flowers are Statice but I'm still trying to identify the greenery. I wish I could remember how & where I got it! I believe the red are flower petals but again I'm not sure what kind.

Don't miss the Dragonflies top left!! Stolen from another image. The wings are colorized Maple seed pods. Background is watercolor.

Goslings Go Paddling


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