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Firefly Festival Fireworks

"This image is spectacular!  How did you ever think up this idea??" K.K.

Read on....


I was squashing flowers on my table in the studio one day, trying to get them to go flat and it came to me that the Queen Ann’s Lace looked a lot like fireworks. In my wee mind it only made sense for a bug audience.   And what bug would appreciate explosions lighting up the sky? A firefly, of course!  The sky had to be very dark for the white flowers to show up.  Teal is my fave color, btw.  I wanted the fireflies to be lit up and yellow leaves worked perfectly, matched the golden rod fireworks and gold-lit landscape.  Fuzzy grass tops indicate the trail as the fireworks rise in the sky.  Gold pine needles simulate explosions that fly outward from the centers.  The constellation Orion’s Belt (also known as Three Sisters) is on the right (3 stars in a row). AND I looked up the Sagittarius Archer (because I am a Sag) and that constellation is reproduced in the sky on the left.


The dark leaves in the lower left are Hibiscus, gold leaf in lower right is rhubarb.  Bugs bodies are yellow barberry.  Green wings are butterfly bush. 


As leaves are biodegradable and will fade and deteriorate quickly, original Art is scanned immediately after creation, preserving their beauty long after originals are gone.   Enjoy!




Firefly Festival Fireworks


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