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Ewe and the Twins

"I LOVE your art. It really speaks to me. Tagging my friend 

 since I have a feeling she would appreciate it, too."


It took me a few years to finish this image.  Only because I was busy doing other things.  I was very excited to finally watch this come together.  I made the Ewe and lambs separately from the background to make sure they actually LOOKED like sheep and not blobs.  They were inserted using Photoshop.  The right lamb is a flopped version of the left one.


What inspired me to make Sheep?  My sister always loved Sheep for one thing and I always love seeing them at the county Fair.  I have Lambs Ear plants in my yard and a Leaf Artist would be TOTALLY silly not to make Sheep out of them.  Plus, an old Permaculture classmate posted a photo on FB of a Sheep from his flock which was perfect for reference.  I was inspired...


My Sheep-loving sister came up with the word "Ewe" and I immediately liked it.  It sounds like "You" which invites you to step into the pasture and be a part of the scene!


The sheep are, of course, Lambs Ear leaves (they are so fuzzy!).  I used pink Impatient flower petals inside the Lambs ears.


Lush green Moss is across the center with a Maple leaf lower left.  The green slope and pasture that forms the horizon is Iris.  Five fern trees are along the top.  I suspect the leaf on the upper right is a Maple and there is a small Burning Bush leaf and piece of yellow Kale there as well.  Paw paw is the yellow leaf bottom right with aged Goldenrod and Common Rush placed on top. A dried wildflower (unknown) is along the left edge. Gray Coltsfoot was used for nose and ears.  Brown aged Norway Maple was used for the Ewe nose & eyes.  




As leaves are biodegradable and will fade and deteriorate quickly, original Art is scanned immediately after creation, preserving their beauty long after originals are gone.




Ewe and the Twins


Please note there is a $20 minimum when ordering Note Cards


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