Ewe and the Twins

"I LOVE your art. It really speaks to me. Tagging my friend 

 since I have a feeling she would appreciate it, too."


It took me a few years to finish this image.  Only because I was busy doing other things.  I was very excited to finally watch this come together.  I made the Ewe and lambs separately from the background to make sure they actually LOOKED like sheep and not blobs.  They were inserted using Photoshop.  The right lamb is a flopped version of the left one.


What inspired me to make Sheep?  My sister always loved Sheep for one thing and I always love seeing them at the county Fair.  I have Lambs Ear plants in my yard and a Leaf Artist would be TOTALLY silly not to make Sheep out of them.  Plus, an old Permaculture classmate posted a photo on FB of a Sheep from his flock which was perfect for reference.  I was inspired...


My Sheep-loving sister came up with the word "Ewe" and I immediately liked it.  It sounds like "You" which invites you to step into the pasture and be a part of the scene!


The sheep are, of course, Lambs Ear leaves (they are so fuzzy!).  I used pink Impatient flower petals inside the Lambs ears.


Lush green Moss is across the center with a Maple leaf lower left.  The green slope and pasture that forms the horizon is Iris.  Five fern trees are along the top.  I suspect the leaf on the upper right is a Maple and there is a small Burning Bush leaf and piece of yellow Kale there as well.  Paw paw is the yellow leaf bottom right with aged Goldenrod and Common Rush placed on top. A dried wildflower (unknown) is along the left edge. Gray Coltsfoot was used for nose and ears.  Brown aged Norway Maple was used for the Ewe nose & eyes.  




As leaves are biodegradable and will fade and deteriorate quickly, original Art is scanned immediately after creation, preserving their beauty long after originals are gone.




Ewe and the Twins

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