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Dog Gone Diggin' Doggies

"Everyone who sees this just loves it.  Your work is so creative and unique.  Can't wait to see more!"  C.C.


This is for all you wonderful dogs and dog lovers!  DARN THESE TWO RASCALS! They love to dig in the flower bed and THEN look at you with those eyes as if to say “we just couldn’t help ourselves!” and present you with picked flowers.  How can you resist THAT???!!!


The Doggies got a new background as the first image had a fence... blah, boring.... This is more the feel I was looking for.  Years ago I made an image titled “Mud Slide Mountain” and as you can image, with a title like that, it was not very exciting.  Sometimes that happens.  BUT the foreground was perfect for this image and the “mountain” of dirt on the right is said “mountain”.   This “foreshortened” look was difficult to pull off.  They have munchkin bodies because of the view looking down, with noses stuck in your face...and their little feet sticking out…


We have here...white birch bark, pear, hibiscus, coleus, white cedar, moss, rhubarb, pink phlox flowers , oak, grape vine leaves (chewed by Japanese beetles), celandine, Brunnera (blue flowers) and Japanese Knotweed (orange/yellow) for the golden labrador.


As leaves are biodegradable and will fade and deteriorate quickly, original Art is scanned immediately after creation, preserving their beauty long after originals are gone.   Enjoy!

Dog Gone Diggin' Doggies


Please note there is a $20 minimum when ordering Note Cards


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