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The Waterway

"There is something about this image that speaks to me.  I love the little boats!!  I'll take one!"  unknown shop customer


I’m at a yard sale…not only do I buy some awesome sets of sheets but the woman has these gorgeously huge Zebra plants.  They were so beautiful I asked if I could snip off a few fronds and we proceeded to have a wonderful conversation about growing plants, successes and failures. I’ll be getting one for sure for MY yard!


I don’t know what it is about swamps but I love them.  Hence this image featuring lovely striped trees along a river, spreading as it flows to a grand destination. This is a case where creation was more like ‘building’ the image.  The Zebra leaves needed a base upon which to sit…so placement of mounds was necessary; made of green hosta, black and brown aged Coltsfoot and white-ish old leaves from my stash.  Boats are browned and dried banana tree leaves resized to fit the image.  The REAL ones were 8 inches long!  And as you can imagine, this actually made it much easier to make.  Same for the boat people; made of red Burning Bush; green hosta hair and a portion of a yellowed lily frond for the pole.  Does this Waterway lead to lake or ocean??  I just want to sit in one of those cool boats! 


As leaves are biodegradable and will fade and deteriorate quickly, original Art is scanned immediately after creation, preserving their beauty long after originals are gone.   Enjoy!

The Waterway


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